Environmental action often requires a message to political representatives, reminding them that we as citizens, workers, consumers, and voters are watching to see whether they are voting in our interests, or in the interests of corporations unfriendly to the environment. Politicians often think they are not being scrutinized closely and feel they can vote against environmental quality without consequence. We need to let them know that we are watching them, and will let our voice be heard. This is important not only to pressure politicians to vote pro-environment, but also to commend and congratulate those few that often stand up for the earth's interests against an often hostile majority.

To stay informed of current political developments relevant to the environment you can check out the Environmental News Link that tracks Federal and state news, congressional legislation, regulations, agencies, court decisions, and more.

To find out who to direct your opinions to, consult The Congressional E-Mail Directory

You can find out the voting records of your representatives by visiting the League of Conservation Voters Scorecards site.

To access automated e-mail response systems to contact politicians, visit the League of Conservation Voters Action Center.

One of the most powerful weapons we have is organization. Unfortunately, in today's political reality, we as individuals have very little influence amongst the political elite. But organized together, we can be a mighty weapon for environmental protection and social change. Individual responses, while being a very important component of the political process, really only represents a short-term solution. Join an organization, and become part of a longer-term solution to stopping the destruction of the earth!

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