Surface and Marine Weather for the Bay Area and Vicinity

Swell Reports Tide Tables
Wave Height - Current San Francisco Golden Gate Tide Tables
Wave Height - 24 Hour Forecast Monterey California Tide Tables
Wave Height - 48 Hour Forecast Marine Observations/Buoys
Wave Height - 72 Hour Forecast California Buoy Data - Great Source!
Wave Height - From Hawaii Meterology

Interactive Tide Tables Views and Forecasts
San Francisco KPIX Synoptic Satellite View - Good!
Santa Cruz KPIX Forecast for Tomorrow (Bay Area)
Half Moon Bay Western U.S. 3D Cloud View
Monterey Harbor Western Infrared Satellite
Crescent City

Other Bay Area Weather Links

Paul's Weather Page
Intellicast's San Francisco Weather Page
National Weather Service - San Francisco
WeatherNet's San Francisco Forecast/Extended Forecast

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