Our Story

Bay Area Surf Productions is a video production company committed to producing quality video, film and web presentations that will help support environmental, educational and historical organizations in the Bay Area. Our goal is to inform people about the history of the area and to raise awareness in the local community about coastal resources, environmental, sociological and political issues.

The company was founded by Mark Gunson, Krista Howell and Mark Ruegg while in the process of making the documentary film "Great Highway." The group was frustrated with the traditional path of filmmaking and fund raising and wanted to give a significant amount of the proceeds from their projects to organizations that helped protect our coastal environment. Bay Area Surf Productions was conceived as an umbrella organization for video, film and web projects that will give back to the surf community.

All of the founders of Bay Area Surf Productions are long-time surfers themselves who share a passion for the ocean and what it can give to us.

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