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Northern California Surfing Journals
"The Flavor Up North"

This is where we post Bay Area surfing tales and share expressions of the Northern California surfing experience. I'd like to encourage all of you to participate and send in your own Bay Area surfing tale....from wherever you are....

Surfing During the Great Depression; A 1936 Surfing Trip....
by Robert Reed, Jr.

Over the Falls
by Eve, Kerry and Chris
Humble Pie
by Steve Wright
Close Call
by AgroKook
Rustee's World
by Rustee
The Surfing Dutchman
by AM
OB Shocker
by Jim Kring
Happy Birthday to me!
by Brian K. Giroux
Heart Pumping Session
by Startled Surfer
New Local
by Julien DAG
Bathed in the
Golden Morning Sun
by Kevin Lo


Good Stuff in SF
by Monkey Milk


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