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The long awaited surf movie from Pacifica is here! Nor Cal Project, is now available for sale online and will soon be at a surf shop near you. The movie features a great crew of surfers and a happening soundtrack from local Northern California bands.

This movie was a collaborative effort that emerged right out of this particular group of surfers who are tight and hang out together all the time. What you see in Nor Cal Project is a flavor of the aloha spirit in surfing. People having fun surfing together and sharing a laugh at the beach while the dogs run wild.

You will also see some amazing footage in Nor Cal Project shot by Camille Keating, Jason Grochowski, Shona Keating and Mark Gunson, both from the beach and in the water. There's some fantastic footage from Indonesia and Sumatra of the Nor Cal crew going off and a rare look at a rainy, miserable tow-in session that Brent Hudson and Matt Ambrose turned into magic. Surfers include Dick, Camille & Shona Keating, Shawn Rhodes, Matt Ambrose, Jason & Joe Grochowski, Colin Dwyer, Brian Tagnozzi, and many more...

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